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#0 December 24th 2017, 00:54

Timeout adjustment

The auto-off function is handy, especially as this will free up resources from unused machines but in some cases, it might be worthwhile to keep machines on for longer. E.g. downloading games, using Parsec for streaming or just keeping something running in the background on a game so it can be resumed later on.

Maybe an option to switch between 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes timeout, or maybe even a "No timeout" option would be worthwhile to add (Might be best to have this as an Add-on to save abusing the systems).

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#1 December 24th 2017, 01:19
@slyhedgehog56 or even a ten minute time-out. I have to use this once in awhile when I'm trying to force-reset a malfunctioning cloud server that won't connect, and waiting 30 min is a pain.

#2 December 28th 2017, 21:26
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your suggestions. I will inform the developers and see what we can do about timeout adjustments. We focus heavily on the potential of abuse, so any changes would have to be tested. Additionally, we are working on ways to force a reset on the gaming rig when an issue has occurred so you do not have to wait for the 30 minute timeout.

#3 December 29th 2017, 15:37
I'm in need of a option for that. 12 hours or no time out is pretty much what i need. For now i will be looking at some other providers that might suit my needs.

#4 December 29th 2017, 16:42
@slyhedgehog56 & @nickster To keep the system on when using Parsec it's best to click "Open Cloud Rig" from app.snoost occasionally and leave that window open. I also click 'reconnect' too, but this might not be required. Also make sure Parsec is installed on the D Drive. I usually install it to it's own folder on D or to Non-Steam Games.

I have noticed a difference in the timeouts and I'm really thankful if any adjustments were made. The really terrible time outs/power offs that used to happen to me in the middle of gaming are a lot more rare recently.

When the worst happens and a game I'm playing causes Windows to hang or the cloud rig to power off the faster startups are amazing. (That being said when some startups are still randomly slower or I can't Power On again at all; it's not so amazing lol)

Instead of a timeout adjustments moving forward it might be worth exploring in the future to have a switch between systems as some other cloud services do. For example: Installation and downloads on lower tier instance without eGPU and after installation finishes we can "save' drive state and power on to the full Cloud Rig with GPU to game with files intact. That might not be possible though.

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#5 December 29th 2017, 16:47
I recently had my rig stuck powering on at Finalizing Configuration for 2-3 days. I would have liked to just have a 'timeout button' to trigger a timeout/shutdown myself to attempt Powering On again.

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