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#0 August 24th 2017, 13:38

How does first person shooters and multiplayer online battle arena games run on Snoost

Hi Snoosters

I just wanted an insight into your experience with the performance of first person shooters such as CS:GO, Call of Duty etc. as well as MOBA games such as LoL and Dota.

Personally I have played Dota on Snoost without any form of noticable delay, latency or the like. I do not own any of the other games, so I would like your opinion on how they run.

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#1 August 25th 2017, 06:23
Personally speaking, out of first person shooters i only played overwatch and it ran great even on epic settings, but the aiming does feel off even with my low ping (~30ms), but i was able to tweak it enough so that it feels right. I also played max payne 3 and it ran great maxed out had no problems with it whatsoever.

PS: Can someone contact me about an annoying bug with billing that i can recreate (might be a problem on my end not sure yet).

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#2 August 25th 2017, 10:23
Hi Fanheavy.

Thanks for the reply. Were the Overwatch tweaks advanced?

We are aware of an bug with billing and working on it, though I do not know about your specific issue. Have you sent an email to billing @

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#3 August 25th 2017, 19:42
@Leed No advanced tweaks just messing with the in game sensitivity.

PS: Was contacted by Rune about the problem no worries.

#4 October 7th 2017, 11:58
Fanheavy, are you using Parsec? Thanks

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#5 October 11th 2017, 23:28
@Curivity Sorry for not responding sooner, i was busy. When i played i mostly did not use it and had to mess with the sensitivity, for the limited time i had used parsec it felt better and there was less input delay.

#6 October 12th 2017, 07:50
No worries!

I was hoping you had tried it. In my experience, Parsec greatly reduces input lag and the system runs "cleaner". I am working with the developers to give Parsec a more integrated role in our systems due to this. For the meantime, I recommend everyone with severe delays to try this method.

#7 October 12th 2017, 09:39
@Curivity Could you post a short "how to" on Parsec on Snoost?

#8 October 12th 2017, 15:15

We have been discussing creating a YouTube channel with a few promotional and "how-to" video walkthroughs. When we have more information we will be sure to share. In the meantime, Parsec needs to be downloaded on both the server and your personal computer, from there you link them together.

#9 November 6th 2017, 07:47
So Parsect Lowers your latency when using snoost

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