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Game reviewer
#0 March 3rd, 15:35

Low fps in Pubg

I adore this game but unfortunatly the framerate is terrible.. I have a subscription for the SD quiality as it promised 60 fps but the game is lagging a lot. I have tried tweaking the graphics options ingame but still no luck, even with the lowest settings possible. The website promises 60 fps in most games and it works like a charm with lotr: shadow of mordor and Dark souls 3. If anyone has a way to solve my problem I would appriciate it a lot.

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#1 March 4th, 01:04
I registered a week ago, but only had the chance to test it out for the past 48 hours. I have only tested PUBG. I cannot complain of any fps issues, as I used the steam in-game FPS and I haven't seen it going below 70 fps. I played also duo & squad mode and my friends confirmed I wasn't delayed in any way.

I noticed that in the Snoost App, if you hover the server location you can see your connection latency. I have checked mine and it is always below 30ms. The latency might cause more issues than the fps on the rig (my guess).

Game reviewer
#2 March 4th, 09:57
@elkmino As i said, it works fine with other games, and i constantly have 40ms which should in practise be okay. I am using the internet by myself and I am also using parsec to make it smoother. I really suspect it is something with the rig in my case as the game (Pubg) is unplayable when other less demanding games run just fine without any lag.

Game reviewer
#3 March 10th, 11:14
Did you ever find a fix for this..? I have the same issues with my gamerig...

#4 March 10th, 20:00
Have you tried switcing the game to borderless?

#5 June 27th, 14:18
there was never a problem with the machines at Snoost.. the only problem you might get is from your end. Try restarting for a better server or just get a better internet?

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments