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#0 August 9th 2017, 10:18

Mouse Input Lag (e.g. Overwatch)

Hey there! Is there a way to reduce mouse input lag in shooters (e.g. Overwatch)? The Snoost performance is fine (over 200 fps), ping ingame is 12-20 ms, but there is a slight delay on the crosshair movements.

I realize this is due to my mouse input has to be processed remotely and then sent to game server creating a small lag, but are there any steps to reduce it?

Playing on Macbook Pro '15, Wifi 2,4 Ghz (router doesnt support 5 Ghz), Down ~70 Mbit/sec, Up ~30-40 Mbit.

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#1 August 9th 2017, 18:05
The input lag heavily depends on your latency (which you can see in the bottom right corner) but should barely be noticeable if it's around 30ms or below. We are working on a few different solutions to reduce input lag further, and will keep you updated on the blog or news when they are ready.

Some users have had success with altering their mouse settings, adjusting acceleration and speed on the cloud rig, matching that of their own computer. This often makes the mouse a bit more accurate when the game is streaming to your computer. But as I stated, we are always working to improve lag and latency, so you can expect regular updates which addresses these issues.

Just a quick note: Some games also utilise hardware cursors rather than software cursors. This is usually found in the in-game menu, and you could try switch between the two to see if it helps. :)

#2 August 9th 2017, 19:16
Thank you for the reply! I'm toying around with various settings, including windows mouse settings on the rig and installing Razer Synapse on Macbook (Im using the DeathAdder mouse) . I also have to use different resolution ingame, since 13'3" display isn't really suited for 1080p settings. (Mac uses 2560x1600 which is simply doubled the pixels on 1280x800)

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments