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#0 November 17th 2017, 05:04

PUBG Performance and Experience

Hello everyone! I'm still testing out Snoost since I'm on my three-day trial period and so far it's been good. I'm getting a steady 40-50 FPS on Full HD option in PUBG with a bit of tweaking in the video settings of the game. The first day of playing PUBG was perfect and without a flaw. I'm on the second day now and it's been pretty nice too but from time to time I encounter a sudden FPS drop, drops all the way down to 3-5 FPS for about ten seconds. This is always completely random and it happens once or twice per match though as I said on the first day it didn't happen once. Another thing that's been happening today, this weird "Shutting Down" thing out of nowhere, during the match itself every time. When I try to get back in it I order to continue the game I receive "Pairing to cloud rig failed" in the Snoost window. Other than those two things, it was completely fine, great gaming experience and I'm looking forward to trying it out even more with different games and bringing over more friends with potato PCs like myself.


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#1 November 17th 2017, 09:56
@Nazz Hi there Nazz

I'm glad you're enjoying the Snoost service :).

I play a bit of PUBG as well, and sometimes I also experience a bit of the exact same lag. This also happens when I am not using Snoost, so I'm pretty sure it is just the PUBG servers acting up (their servers are notoriously unstable). No matter what, it was probably a temporary issue. Let me know if it happens with other games while you are using Snoost.

In order to troubleshoot the random shutdowns, it seems exceptionally weird that you have experienced so many. Can you tell me which data center you were connected to and were it at any specific hours of the day? Then we can perhaps cross-examine with our server data to see if there was a problem.

So all in all: Let me know if any of your issues occur again :)!

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