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#0 January 5th, 19:19

Star Citizen

Today I managed to use Snoost and install Star Citizen 3.0. The game runs very slow on Snoost (3fps, really), which is a huge disappointment for me since the same game ran much smoother before, and other people reviews on snoost/star citizen are outstanding.

A hint : the game suggests an update of Nvidia drivers at launch, please have a look a this.

Cheers, Julien.

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#1 January 6th, 09:44
Thank you for your report, I will let the developers know about this issue.

Two questions for you:

  1. Did you track the FPS with an FPS tracker, such as the one on Steam?

  2. Were you running any background processes on the server, such as downloading files, or running any other application besides Star Citizen?
My developers tell me internet connection is most likely the issue when it comes to this particular game, because we test heavily with it. Normally, an FPS of 24 to 30 is achieved. Most cannot run any higher due to optimization issues.

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#2 January 6th, 12:55

I tracked the FPS this morning with the in-built tool of star citizen, and the result give an average of 5-6 FPS.

I am not running or downloading anything beside star citizen itself.

#3 January 11th, 21:09
Any news ?

#4 January 12th, 03:38

I don't have anything new to share, we haven't received any other reports and internal testing shows SC is performing within perimeters. We will continue to look into how the servers are handling this specific game and report back to you if we find an issue.

#5 January 14th, 02:37
Look up SC performance in general. Star Citizen 3.0 is incredibly un-optimized. While a driver update would help, it should run fine on Snoost once they clean up some of the issues in the coming weeks. Some people with really powerful systems are getting 5fps while others with lesser systems are getting 30.

#6 February 10th, 18:06
Still the same problem here

#7 February 15th, 11:23
Hi @Julien we have been testing Star Citizen (the latest PDU build) today, and it seems to stabilise at around 25 to 35 FPS. We were running it through Steam (added as a Non-Steam game) with Steam's own FPS counter.

The game was installed on the d drive along with the launcher and all +30 GB of game data. (beware when you install that it doesn't prompt to install on the c drive).

Despite how smoothly Steam's FPS counter claimed it was running, it definitely did not feel anything like < 10 fps. There was a tiny detectable lag-issue (perhaps a tad more noticeable than in other games running on Snoost), but this is a network issue and not a GPU nor CPU issue.

In general, Star Citizen is performing rather bad on many systems, so we are extremely happy that it is running at a decent >25fps, and several users play the game on Snoost daily.

We'll be happy to continue to test and debug the game's performance, but since we are not able to reproduce the issue, we're wondering if there's a different underlying problem (such as having installed some of the data on the c drive, or if there's somehow other processes running that could cause the performance to worsen).

I hope this helps, but please don't hesitate letting us know as we are committed to improving the cloud gaming service in any way we can.

Thanks for the feedback so far!

Showing 1-7 of 7 comments