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Game reviewer
#0 January 8th, 22:15


These bugs are getting beyond a joke. After hours upon hours i finally connect to my rig. Get midway through my game off batman, halfway through a boss fight with Killer Croc and i get logged out 'due to inactivity' Despite literally sitting there in the middle off a Boss fight.

Very aggrevating and very poor.

So far i haven't liked what i have seen with this service which is a real shame. Seems their is better out their!

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#2 January 9th, 00:52
Hi there scottyt1233,

Sorry to hear about this occurrence. Were you using Parsec at the time when you were booted off?

Game reviewer
#4 January 10th, 00:22
@Curivity Parsec? I was playing batman through steam over the snoost app.

#5 January 10th, 01:44
Hi again,

This should definitely not occur. I asked if you used Parsec because we've seen inactivity logouts for some using this program with Snoost. If you did not use it, there may be an issue with your server not recognizing the application you were using, therefore it believed you were inactive while you were in the application. I will let the developers know about this and I apologize. Please be sure to save often if you continue to play this affected game.

Game reviewer
#6 January 10th, 01:53
Being a moderator have you any idea why you constantly try and charge my card despite being on a on week and 3 day trial! Why? I haven't gave you permisson to charge the card!

#7 January 10th, 02:10
We put a pending charge on all accounts, even during trials, to ensure payment types are valid. The pending charge will be removed if you cancel before the trial is over.

#8 January 10th, 11:31
Problem is that app dont you let do the cancel!

Game reviewer
#9 January 12th, 14:37
This service seems like it was legitimate but is now a scam, judging by the service recieved and message boards

Showing 1-9 of 9 comments