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#0 February 2nd, 15:50

Snoost charged my card even though I cancelled my subscription and emailed support about it

Hello, I sent this email to the different service since January 29 is still no answer .. I am quite disappointed because today we came to charge me while I was honest to encourage you ..



Looking forward to a better answer ..

Hello, How are you ?

Very good for me Tell me, I am currently working on a video game development studio, and I try to try Snoost today with the three free days.

Unfortunately I am forced to stop my subscription due to the impossibility to connect to the machine, the time and the many bugs of the applications.

I am a developer myself so I totally understand that an Alpha is never stable so I'm not here to bother you.

On the contrary, I encourage you to continue to develop little by little with your strength. When it squeezed more stable, my team and I will switch to your services without worries.

In any case I thank you, I wish you the best.

Of course, I really hope I will not be charged in the next few days as I can not even log into the service and many other reasons. In addition, I have to cancel by 1 / 2h after, so always within three days free.

I thank you for listening and I apologize for my English, I am French. Regards, Lucas

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#1 February 6th, 06:43
Sorry Lucas, but Snoost is a scam. You need to contact your bank to have the transaction disputed.

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