I'm very interested in joining the Snoost community and starting a membership, however whenever I try installing the extension I get the error that WebGL is not supported.

Currently I have:

WebGL Draft Extensions = Enabled GPU Rasterization = Force Enabled for all Raster Threads = 2 Override Software Rendering list = Enabled Zero Copy Rasterizer = Enabled

I checked https://get.webgl.org/ and it displays the spinning cube. I also checked webglreport.com/ and it reports that WebGL 1 and WebGL 2 are working.

Finally I tried adding these commands to the end of the Target line in properties for Chrome: --enable-native-gpu-memory-buffers --enable-checker-imaging

This satisfied all of the problems listed in Chrome://gpu, but I'm still getting the error about WebGL being unsupported so I'm at the end of my rope as far as ideas lol.

Is it just not possible based on these results to get it working?

P.S. WebGL in chrome://gpu does say Software Only even after making all of these changes if that matters.