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#0 October 1st, 19:46

Adding payment method claims that my credit card is in use already?

This is extremely weird. I know that the card isn't used by anyone, I can follow real-time purchases & use with it. There's nothing. Yet I cannot use it to register?

I tried swapping first name <-> surname other way around, also tried using dashes and spaces with the numbers. Same result each time.

I've never had any issues with my card(s). Hard to believe that someone would be actually using it, as I've been only using trustworthy services (eg. Amazon).

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#1 October 1st, 21:33
Hi @Artifex28, could I ask you to contact billing support? Then we will investigate it as soon as possible. Issues like this typically appears because of a spelling mistake in the email etc. upon the first registration, or likewise.

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