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#0 May 17th, 19:12

Allocating cloud gaming server.

My rig start up is always stuck on Allocating cloud gaming server. Its been 2 days already. Tried reinstalling, checked my billing, dosent work. So happy that these days are charged also when its not my fault when it dosent start up? :)

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#1 May 17th, 20:19
Well, there is no way to fix it :( All you can do is pray and wait more time.

They've said that "As such, troubleshooting and technical support will be exclusively handled by email,..", but I had my cloud rig stuck for several days, I remember I've even emailed them, but it was unanswered about my issues. Also, they've probably lowered all support right now for different issues because of that "Beta client development", who knows... Dunno what to think about it overall.

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