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#0 March 1st, 12:38

Amount debited in trial account.

My previous thread listing my billing problem was locked by these scammers. This was posted:- "Please email the billing department for further assistance with billing matters. We do not respond to billing inquiries on these boards. Thank you!"

These guys are robbers. Everyone raise your voice against these scammers. They have looted me of 20$ buy debiting money in trial account. I have already mailed the billing department several times. I'm frustrated. Need to take this to the court. Why is the billing department not responding??

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#1 March 1st, 13:57
Hi I've been following up on these issues, they take a while to respond but they normally do (look here: )

Did you use a debit or credit card?

#2 March 1st, 14:09
Hi! I use a credit card. I am really concerned as it belongs to my dad and I have to repay him. What are the support team doing?

#3 March 1st, 15:05
Are you sure its not a pending charge?

#4 March 2nd, 07:36
Hi shadaab152,

Just to be clear, we locked and deleted your previous topic due to breakage of our code of conduct, which can be found here. Please be sure you are mindful of these principles before deciding to post a topic.

As discussed before, we do not comment on billing matters on these boards, also see my topic here. Once we have determined your pending charge was not removed, we will rectify the issue. This may take some time.

#5 March 2nd, 07:43
Why should it take time? It didn't take time to deduct the money did it? If you can't even solve such serious issues I doubt that you can even run your pipe dream of a company for a single year. I think that you guys are fraudsters and you target a few percentage of customers for fraudulent activity.

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments