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Game reviewer
#0 January 2nd, 05:18

And again here we go

Snoost seems good if it works?

I got it to work 1x during beta and then i paid it and it got worse,

Cant even get into snoost. Cant run a single game. stuck on the connectingwindow.

For everyone wondering can i go to cloud gaming DONT!!! Its in infant steps atm as snoost and liquidkyproves.

Alternative to cloud gaming is getting a 400 dollar gaming rig or a console.

I expect cloud gaming to die if it keeps this up well at least gaming systems like snoost and liquidsky.

Atm cloud gaming systems need a big investor if not it is bound to die (unless they can fix the issues in a matter of days).

Issues with connecting are resolved in weeks. So by the time u get to play games its old school titels.

Got to give snoos 1 thing though when it boots u can play anything. hardware is good!!!

So in short i recomend to get a gaming rig as snoost and liquidsky are both bad atm, Maybe in a couple of years with more support it will get off the ground.

Atm cloud gaming is bad. Cant connect cant play.

If i was Reliant on cloud gaming i could game maybe 1x a week. so atm cloud gaming is bad.

get a computerfor 400 bucks it will save u a lot of troubke and frustration

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Game reviewer
#1 January 2nd, 05:26
btw test was run on 2 systtems 1x a intel atom x5 8350 2gb ddr3.

other system is a: Ryzen 7 1800 16gb ram 1070gtx 1tb hdd 240gb sdd

And it doesnt even run on the gaming pcLOL. they need to fixthings quick

#2 January 2nd, 10:52
Could you please share some links where I could buy gaming station for 400 bucks? :)

Game reviewer
#3 January 3rd, 00:37
I actually like what snoost is doing as I am able to use my Chromebook with a gamepad and it works out of the box. The problem as you've stated is to get the game server up and running.

It has similar performance to Parsec and I think Parsec is the most stable out of them so far but the pricing is too high.

I really want snoost to be successful and will keep monitoring. But for now, I am not sure I can deal with the patience of reinstalling at every reboot and waiting forever to get the server running.

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