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#0 July 17th 2017, 20:53

Anyway to pick the server?

Today was an odd day for the servers and it seems to have cost me hours of progress in Shadow of Mordor.

I usually connected to the Central Europe server, but today I got booted after ten minutes and reconnected to the West Europe server. I had several hours of good play and was near finishing the game when I got disconnected again. When I logged I was back to the Central Europe server and my progress had not been saved. The Steam cloud save didn't seem to be correct.

I'm hoping that my game is still alive and well on the West Europe server, but I can't find a way to manually connect to it.

Is there a way around to force a connection to the West server?

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#1 July 17th 2017, 21:08
Would also like to know.

#2 July 25th 2017, 15:31
Since Snoost automatically selects the best possible server, factoring in traffic, currently load, latency, server capacity and if any locations are experiencing any network issues, there is currently no way to manually force it to connect to a specific region. However, we are taking note of your request, and will definitely begin working on it if we spot an opportunity to implement this without any negative implications on our infrastructure.

Thanks for the proposal. :)

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments