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#0 November 23rd 2017, 17:09

assassins creed origins crashes

it keeps crashing when i start a game is there a way to fix this? it also said that drivers need to be updated

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#1 November 23rd 2017, 17:47
Hi - As with Battlefront 2, this might be the same issue. Have you tried following the steps in this thread to see if it works?

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#2 November 23rd 2017, 17:53
thanks i give it a try :)

#3 November 23rd 2017, 18:03
You're welcome. :) Please keep us updated on how it goes, so we can better understand the game's quicks and hopefully help other users with the issue as well.

Game reviewer
#4 November 23rd 2017, 19:27
it didnt work is there anything else i can try?

#5 November 23rd 2017, 21:08
Hmm, we would need some more information about the crash. E.g. does it "just quit", show an error message or briefly enter the game before it crashes? Thanks. :)

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#6 November 23rd 2017, 21:20
well it works fine unti i start a new game then it crashes after about a mintue but no error message comes up after though

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#7 February 6th, 03:50
Anyone found a fix for this. I got assassin creed origins and really want to play it but it keeps crashing on me after animus loading screen at the beginning

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#8 February 6th, 03:57
checked out a video that was having the same problem and it said to update drivers and change FXAA off and restart computer which i can't really do

#9 February 6th, 16:26
@Sonicx344 you can try using the Nvidia control panel, or go to the file: "My Documents/Assassin's Creed Origins/ACO.ini" Back it up and mess around with it (open with notepad), turn fxaa off and tinker with some other settings, to see if it helps.

This game is on my "to play" list so after i end the witcher 3 i might give it a go.

If you have no idea what to change in the ini file upload it somewhere and i can do it for you

Ps: computer restarts are BS most of the time anyway.

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#10 February 6th, 23:40
Thanks for the Response but i can turn fxaa off in the assassin creed origins. It only really happens when i start my game and then the loading screen appears. While it is on the loading screen, it ran well. I can move bayek and it isn't laggy or anything. It only happens when the loading screen ends and it turns the screen black. Sometimes i can hear sound but then all of the sudden it closes. I can still go into the "Options" though. Went to the Control Panel and turned fxaa off and i thought i needed to restart because it still wasn't working. I saw that liquidsky is also having this problem and it is because of driver issues, just pointing it out. I'll keep tinkering until i find it out

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