Hey there,

I am currently trying to add a billing method to my account but there is no confirmation screen saying that it has been completed. I have pressed the confirm button multiple times now but nothing seems to be happening, I hope that on Monday I will not receive several charges for $29.99. Is this a common error to receive?

Also, once the rig gets started it seems to function almost flawlessly except for some minor bugs requiring an app restart. However, when it's connecting, it's not just the queue which is insanely long (Eastern US), it's also the fact that it constantly stalls on "Connecting ... " and "Establishing a connection" . Sometimes it can take me an hour or more just to connect to the service, then a bug happens in the client and I have to go through the process all over again. Now let's say I only have an hour or two to use the service before I have to go to work or bed, what exactly am I paying $29.99 for if all of that time is spent connecting? I guess you would say that's up to me to decide.

I love the service but these issues are not worth paying a premium price for in the long run, only as a short term solution to a temporary problem of mine. With that said, any word on when the initial connection timeout issues will be fixed or am I somehow the only one experiencing these issues? That would encourage me to subscribe for a longer period of time than I am planning to.

If you could perhaps direct me to some solutions to these problems it would be greatly appreciated. My internet is almost perfect with no packet loss, extremely high upload/download speed, and no issues whatsoever in other applications or function, so it is not an issue with my connection at least. I at least need to be sure that my card is not about to get charged multiple times.

If you could work with me to subscribe for one month for the $29.99, I will gladly do it :)

Last edited: July 8th 2017, 17:26