Due to an uptick in billing related topics, I would like to break a few important points down so everyone can understand the nature of our trial process:

  • All new accounts have the ability to start a 3 day trial with Snoost. This 3-day trial is provided equally and does not have any requirements besides a pending charge.
  • When accessing your 3-day trial, you will be requested to provide a credit or debit card to place on file.
  • This form of payment will be assessed a temporary charge, which will remain on the account until the user initiates a subscription, cancels the trial membership, or does none of the above.
  • If the user selects a subscription, the pending charge will remain until this new subscription charge is assessed, but could remain longer depending on the user's creditor
  • If the user decides to cancel or does not take any action regarding a subscription, the pending charge will be removed
  • The date of removal of pending charges, as explained above, are dependant on the creditor and may remain for some time until released by the creditor
If you have any further questions regarding pending charges, please contact billing support.

Thank you for your interest in Snoost!