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#0 August 25th, 16:36

Blocked by "Activate free trial"

I started my free trial Wednesday, It ends tonight (8/25/17). So last night, I decided to remove my credit card before I'm charged for full membership. When I did so, a box pop up said I'm able to use my rig until the end of the trail period. I'm unable to login because it wants me to add a card to activate a trial. Despite the fact that I earned 10 extra days of use that has been redeemed already. I tried adding my card again just to satiate the block, but it says it's linked to another account...

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Rising member
#1 August 25th, 19:45
Seems to be a problem with the new billing system not allowing access without a card.

#2 August 26th, 23:57
Hi BadassAlen and Fanheavy,

These issues should be fixed now. If you have further issues please let us know here.


#3 August 27th, 16:02
@Curivity Negative, I still get the "add valid payment" and no ability to power on my rig. Also, the system charged my card $9.99 after I removed it. At this point, I just want a refund.

Showing 1-3 of 3 comments