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#0 July 12th, 16:13

Can't connect to my Snoost Rig

I can't connect to my Snoost Rig from Snoost Connect, it's stuck at the "Connecting to your Snoost Rig", and I can't get it to work.

EDIT: Audio isn't working now

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#1 July 13th, 09:39
@agga68 It sounds like you might be using the old "Snoost Connect" client which was depreciated in favour of our new browser extension. Could I ask you to try to upgrade to the latest version of the new client and see if it works? :)

#2 July 13th, 13:40
I tried that, and I keep having the same issue. Maybe I'm missing something. This may sound dumb but is there any tutorial about this?

#3 July 13th, 13:45
@agga68 Hmm, that is rather odd. We don't currently have a tutorial for setting up the cloud gaming, but we will definitely be making one now that we realise it may be needed for some troubleshooting matters.

May I ask which computer you have? And are you opening Snoost through the browser or directly from the extensions panel in Chrome? Then we will try to investigate this issue further. :)

#4 July 13th, 14:21
I have an all-in-one HP Pavilion 23-b201es. I open the extension through the website (

And thanks for replying~

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#5 July 13th, 17:11
@agga68 I'm having similar issues. First time user here. The client is stuck on "Establishing connection" and has been for about 20-30 minutes now....

Hmm. As I'm writing this, I went to the extension again and clicked on "Open cloud rig". That opened a new window on my laptop and now it's working (the other, older windowis still stuck at "Establishing connection").

All the best, Alex

#6 July 13th, 17:22
Yep, that sometimes happens to me as well.

#7 July 15th, 15:57
Any news...?

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