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#0 June 22nd 2017, 10:00

Client & server related bugs

Storage not fully recovered:

Most issues appear with Eve Online and Path of Exile (Steam). For PoE I have to re-download 5.2 GB each time. In some cases the client recovers half the usual storage upon rig start-up.

Stream crash when changing in-game settings:

Happens with most games tested (using Client or Parsec) and mostly when changing in-game graphics settings that require game restart. The stream just freezes and I can still hear the sound. When trying to relaunch the stream I can only see a black screen.

Application dashboard:

Sometime the app dashboard or apps (Windows) don't load completely (mostly hangs at "starting stream" - for Windows). Relaunching the client multiple times usually fix the issue.

Notice: Issues already reported to ***@***.***

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#1 June 22nd 2017, 13:08
Hi @GoldBuck,

Thank you for the detailed bug report.

The storage issue may have been a result from a lost connection, which we addressed in this week's update. Please let us know if it still happens.

Regarding the "Stream crash": Is your local PC running Linux, Mac or Windows? Then we investigate the problem right away.

#2 June 22nd 2017, 13:30
In regards to storage, I have made sure in the last two days that I am closing and saving everything correctly. Still had problems last night with Path of Exile for the same 5.2 GB amount. The game do store my previous graphics settings and its Steam library entry.

For Blizzard games I just have to point the app to the game's install location and that's it, it appears again in my list without any update requirements.

Regarding stream crashes, I am using a Windows 10 machine. Snoost client defaults to hardware WebGL, while I set my Parsec client to software rendering.

#3 June 22nd 2017, 13:34
@GoldBuck Awesome, thank you for providing the extra details. We will look into these issues for the next update.

#4 June 27th 2017, 23:31
Did more testing (don't know why I love to do this things)

Client (Snoost) streaming problems

1) Going fullscreen on Twitch or Youtube will freeze the image after few seconds, while sound still playing. 2) Input lag: I "mostly" get great feedback in-game, but get awful input lag as soon as I open the in-game menu (Esc). Also, bad input lag after entering Windows desktop - moving mouse faster seems to "download more fps".

Storage sync problems (privacy & security concerns):

My biggest concern is with Chrome and Lastpass. Sometimes even when I log out Lastpass browser extension and clear history/cache, upon my next Snoost session my Chrome just logs me directly into my Lastpass vault (which is really scary).

C:\User\Downloads sometimes syncs download files which are +1 week old. Chrome also starts syncing 1 week old history records.

#5 June 27th 2017, 23:57
We love the testing! :-)

1) Noted! Albeit not our highest priority (since game-related issues and optimisations come first), this has been added to our to-do list and we will definitely investigate these fullscreen 'stream/video' delays in the cloud rig's browser.

2) Other users have observed that some games' game menus can sometimes seem to lag more than the actual gameplay. This is due to how the games are optimised, mostly in terms of the hardward and driver integrations. We are working on some tweaks which should take care, or at least reduce, the 'game menu lag' for most games. This will however be an ongoing process, as there are many different ways games make their menus, but we will do our best to be on top of it and keep up with the trends.

The automatic logon is simply due to that the "remember me" functionality isn't cache-based, but stored locally. It should however not log you in automatically, if you have manually clicked the logout button in the client. Can you elaborate whether this is the case or not?

Just for clarification, Snoost does not communicate with any third parties upon signing in, and acts as any other website in that regard. The Snoost Chrome extension only communicates with itself and the domain, and does not engage in any way with other Chrome extensions.

Again, the feedback is deeply appreciated and it helps us a lot moving forward. Thanks!

#6 June 28th 2017, 10:11
Thanks for the quick reply, Rune!

Regarding Lastpass I have never used "remember me/password" when using the extension (especially in VMs). Also, I always manually log out and clear all browser temporary files. Upon my next VM session after opening Chrome the LP extension logs me in automatically.

Currently, removed the extension and only use their web page. The problems seem to be related with how C:\ syncs. As mentioned before, I still get week old deleted download files, desktop shortcuts of removed games or recent/week old Chrome history (which I clear after each session).

Mentioning this just as "heads-up", as I really have confidence in how you set your priorities.

#7 June 28th 2017, 10:41
Arhh, okay. I think I misunderstood. Is LastPass installed on your Cloud Rig?

#8 June 28th 2017, 14:42
Only tested the LastPass extension a week ago, for 2-3 days. Currently, I avoid it and just use their web page to copy my passwords from there.

By using their webpage I avoid being logged in during my next streaming session.

#9 June 28th 2017, 14:48
Okay. We'll be looking into this. However, I just want to ensure you that - even if - LastPass logs you in (which may be caused due to some of the tokens being saved on your rig, instead of deleted), this will solely be the case for you as you are the only user who will ever - in any case - have access to view or control what is on the computer.

So while it's probably not supposed to log you in automatically, after logging out, this is not in any way something that should compromise the security of your account.

Now that that is out of the way: It's on the to-do list, and we will be investigating the saving procedure of LastPass to identify if there is anything we need to change in how Snoost synchronises its data.

#10 July 1st 2017, 00:00
Noticed input lag is caused by my old desktop's GPU decoding performance (HD 5670), as I've also tested on a newer laptop (APU) and didn't see the latency impacted in the same way.

Unfortunately, if I have Chrome open on my desktop I see an impact on my Snoost latency. If I switch between menus and gameplay I have to wait around 30 second until I get decent input response (maybe after client optimizing itself).

Tried without luck to force WebGL to software, through chrome's swiftshaders.

Will I be able in the future to force the client to render at 30fps? My GPU cannot handle hardware accelerated 1080p60fps Youtube/Twitch videos (through VP8,9 - fine on Edge with DXVA)

#11 July 1st 2017, 08:41
First of all, thank you for doing some additional testing on this issue. It's true that some older PCs, with insufficient decoding capabilities, may worsen the stability of the frames per second.

Being able to switch to 30 FPS, instead of 60 FPS, is a really good idea. While it may not necessarily fix the FPS issue for all devices, it might help in a situation like yours.

This has been added to our to-do list and will be considered for one of the upcoming updates to the client. Thank you for the suggestion!

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