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#0 October 15th 2017, 01:11

Cloud rig is shutdown without warning.

Another time my rig has been shutdowned without warning in middle of game. My screen just freezed, so i quit stream (alt+shift+q), and i see message "status: saving".

If i pay you 20$ monthly i want play when i want and how long i want.

I guess my game progress what i make after last launch just dissapear, because your backup system is bugged so i always need send my saves to Steam Cloud.

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#1 October 15th 2017, 03:03
Hi Deadlytomato,

Sorry to hear you encountered a random shutdown. Fortunately, these occurrences are relatively rare, and we are actively working on improving our systems to eliminate these events.

Please keep an eye on news/announcements for more updates. We've just released an update yesterday as well so make sure you're up-to-date.

#2 October 20th 2017, 14:48
I've had this issue happening myself recently and it's really disappointing. Shutdowns linked to cloud rig stability have repeatedly caused 18-20+ minute long Status:Saving status... Imagine 'disconnecting' due to a cloud rig networking issue or Windows problem in an Overwatch competitive match or any game on live servers. Sometimes over half an hour to restart when you add Shutdown time + Startup time for a new Rig = Game Over

There's penalties for random exits in the case of even non-competitive MOBA matches, MMOs, survival games that really zap the energy from my gaming down time

#3 October 20th 2017, 14:59
It's a sneaky issue because it hits without warning when things otherwise work perfectly. I did notice some stuttering that seemed to hint that a shutdown was coming, but it's hard to guess at or sense.

When things work really really well I stop taking 'precautions' in some games in case the Rig I'm gaming on shuts down... and very often that false sense of security when things are working great really screws me in terms of even the game penalties I'm prepared to risk not gaming on a local system.

#4 October 21st 2017, 07:17
Hi Kenn,

I understand your frustrations, especially when gaming online, as penalties can be severe. Like I explained to DeadlyTomato, we are aware of these issues and are working on a permanent long-term solution in the near future. That long-term solution being one that streamlines the startup procedure, and handles these shutdowns by making it more transparent exactly what is going on (so we can suggest fixes) as well as making them happen less frequently. A few things I would suggest to you in the meantime is to make sure you are using a wired connection, all other programs are disabled, and for added streaming capability, you could always try using Parsec.

There is also another avenue you could try: since the random shutdowns are indicative of the rig losing connection to the client, try restarting your Chrome client every once in a while to reset the connection.

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#5 October 27th 2017, 16:07

Setup wise I normally use a wired USB-C connection with little other than Chrome and the Snoost extension running in many of the moments I've run into this issue.

Every time the rig randomly shuts down I am always in the middle of using WASD, mouse or key commands sometimes not long after a restart of the extension...if these power offs were occurring during idle or little to no peripheral interaction that would be more understandable as a user like a connection problem would be. These are things that could be happening on from my end and can be fixed or I would have some awareness of to expect a disconnection not a random shutdown. Also if the shutdown were the game causing an instability on the system or GPU itself I'd understand that. Some early access games I like to play can have critical bugs like that on any platform, and I'm able to toil through another startup. If that were the case in terms of transparency down the road I would like to request there be a fast lanes set for users like me who were successfully connected but had their game rig shut down. Especially an awareness on the Snoost system that a game crashing system issue may have occurred to prepare that fast lane/restart of the cloud rig. For networking/pairing issues that would probably be a lot more complicated to arrange fast lanes as those issues can be remedied before repeated cycles by us users and the Snoost system.

I'd explore Parsec as an alternative to the extension, but since September regardless of installation options if I use Parsec for longer than 8-10 minutes the cloud rig ALWAYS shuts off during gaming. Parsec even gives an error message "The server has performed a clean shutdown" when the rig randomly powers down. Parsec's default registry settings may be causing a problem or some other setting I may not be aware of. In August I was able to use Parsec out of the box for far longer playing several games, but I can't seem to now. It's a bit sad actually as I find Parsec is better suited to some of the games I play.

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#6 October 27th 2017, 16:39
As I mentioned I do also restart the client (Chrome browser) fairly frequently to keep things smooth. In cases where I am forced to restart due to the odd stuck frame/black screen I've noticed a few odd glitches that may relate to random shutdowns in 2 different instances as feedback on the newer extension.

If the stream feed is blank or stuck on 1 frame & I can still hear game/UI sounds without interruption (I'm even able to interact with the game) when I restart the extension: (1)Sometimes the Windows rectangle doesn't appear after a restart/ chime (2)When it does appear clicking the Windows rectangle can fail to initiate the stream/jump back to the extension 'home' in windowed selection mode and it can go back and forth like that indefinitely when clicking Windows (3)After clicking the Windows rectangle the stream initiates to a black feed with audio/sometimes even in cases of restart due to a paused frame.

If the stream feed is blank or stuck on 1 frame & I can NOT hear game & UI sounds when I restart the extension: (1)The extension may return to the ‘home’ selection screen before a restart but a restart is still required see the (2) loop above) (2)The stream may not restart until 2-3 force quits of windows from the home screen are performed. (3) Additional unsolvable issues present (long periods on 'Signing In...', 'Authenticating...', stream begins after clicking Windows rectangle but hangs on "Staring Windows.." indefinitely, home screen without Windows start rectangle, etc etc etc) basically requiring a power off/restart to repair.

When I get a black screen/stuck frames without audio from the game and am able to reconnect to my Cloud Rig stream I do notice Windows "Game is not responding -> Close this program" offered and sometimes even rarely when I did not have to force quit Windows to enable a repairing. It may be strange that in either circumstance when this happens the stream audio takes a few minutes to begin transmitting sound again for the new stream. Game hangs/program issues and random shutdowns might be linked to the way Snoost handles the audio part of the stream feed. If the game is fullscreen when the hang occurs and Close this Program is never offered to the user the system might detect this as inactivity or difficulty restarting the audio drivers/stream relay may trigger a shutdown. If anything from my experiences is able to help I thought I'd spend some time typing it up

Also: After a random shutdown the windows rectangle is still present after a restart of Chrome and a relauch of the extension from app.snoost. The extension hangs on Enabling Streaming and the Pairing to Cloud Rig Failed error message presents. The extension still believes the Cloud Rig is available for some minutes after a random shutdown. As you can imagine this adds time before being able to power on a new rig.

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#7 October 27th 2017, 17:04
To clarify this is the screen I see during a random sudden shutdown: link expired

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#8 October 28th 2017, 12:22
Hi Kenn,

Thank you for your detailed response. We will look into these issues further and get back with you and the community once we can determine the root cause and any potential fixes.

Please bear with us. If you encounter any additional new issues please update this thread.

#9 November 21st 2017, 23:05
I'm still encountering this issue severely with little rhyme or reason for when it will occur or why. It's also possible this happens more often on specific cloud rigs maybe depending on how resources are shared. I don't really know. Again I am using a wired connection. Recently restarting also fails in the Status: Loading Games phase. It does not get stuck or stall. It fails returning back to the Power On button 3-4 times.

If this is controllable on Snoost's end can you just tailor the shut downs to not happen at all for certain users upon request? Even removing the auto shutdown entirely for some of us with rules like requested hard lined timeouts (1 hour, 2-3 hours, etc) for flags.

I would rather know exactly when a shutdown will occur due to the Snoost system flagging the need for one and just take breaks to shutdown/restart around that. It would be far preferred to being kicked off unaware until solutions are implemented.

Random shutdowns I still encounter make Snoost unviable for me to play some types of games and game modes I would like to play. It's particularly punishing for those that require consistency.

The reoccurrence of shutdowns at times and repetition of often necessary restarts are so bad. I don't think the response has been stellar going back to a partial fault on the end user for timeout policy we really have nothing to do with (apologies if Snoost has nothing to do with them either). I can do more to optimize every aspect of setup from my end and have tried many things to limited benefit, but at a certain phase please just adapt and work with us too (or let request flexibility from provider policy if that's the case). Eventually things will smooth out overall, but that's distant consolation when I feel some of my experiences as a customer and others are complete unknowns to even be addressed and should not be for anyone familiar.

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#10 November 22nd 2017, 16:10
Thanks for the amazing feedback.

We're doing our best address this issue in future updates. The random shutdowns can happen for several reasons, one of which is because the client might have lost connection to the cloud gaming server (such as if the user's WIFI suddenly drops, or similar situations). In these cases it is important to have the "graceful turnoff", since there is no way to know whether the client simply lost connection, or if the user simply forgot to turn it off. If the user forgot to turn off the cloud rig, it is vitally important that Snoost makes sure not to leave anything open and backs up the savegames and other gamedata securely.

In other cases, it might happen due to a connection error to the datacenter, or something else might have gone wrong. In these cases, we also try to make sure that the state of the cloud rig (especially its settings) get saved properly.

No matter what, we will do the best we can to 1) reduce the instances where cloud rigs get turned off without the user's initiation, and 2) if this happens, implement mechanisms which will allow the users' to quickly (and without hassle) continue gaming where they left off.

We realise this is a big issue, so we will work hard to get it fixed. Thanks for providing such great feedback, and please don't hesitate letting us know if you experience any other bugs or issues related to this, as this will severely help us in debugging and troubleshooting the problem.

Thank you!

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