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#0 August 30th, 14:10

Cloud Rigs Randomly Shutting Down? (past 2 days)

The cloud rigs I've been gaming on for the past 2 days have been shutting down randomly during gameplay. I see the blue Windows "Shutting Down" screen which I've never seen before with other few random shutoffs I've had in the past. Is this caused by the rig becoming unstable?

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#1 August 30th, 15:38
Shutdowns still happening almost routinely now. The rig gpu stutters a bit before the Windows Shutting Down screen appears I noticed

#2 August 30th, 15:39
The cloud rigs usually only shut down automatically, if they detect any network issues, the user has been inactive for more than 30 minutes, upcoming maintenance or there is a problem with the files etc. In such cases, it shuts down and attempts to backup the modified files first (although this is not always possible, in case of network issues), and then allows you to turn on the cloud rig once again.

However, we are working on some optimisations for this behaviour that should drastically improve the way the data is saved (by being 100 % persistent), but also reduce instances of automatic shutdowns, by enhancing the way the cloud rigs are able to handle certain problems.

We will keep you updated on the news/blog as soon as we are getting closer to implementing a solution.

#3 August 30th, 17:52
Sounds great, Rune!

For anyone reading this I play a lot of unoptimized games and at times my internet connection here on the East Coast USA can be a bit unreliable so that might have a lot to do with some of the shutdowns.

#4 August 30th, 17:52
The cloud rigs I've gamed on more recently seem to have my Steam set up as I left it, which is really amazing, but often the new rig does require some games to be validated in order to start them again (I guessed this might be happening in cases where a game refuses to install all necessary files/shaders on the Z drive). There are rarer cases too where Steam often forgets what games are installed in the library or doesn't link to them correctly on a newly launched rig despite the files being set up perfectly by Snoost's backups often requiring a reinstall when reconnecting the library/validation is not possible.

(I've run into this issue myself on my own computer, when I used a cloned backup drive after a crash. Steam or even some non-Steam games will just decide to be arbitrarily picky about the setup of the entire OS/file system beyond reason)

The experience of facing a rig with no games installed (fresh rig only setup files) to one where games do not launch without validation/reinstall are both awful to deal with in rapid repeat over and over again with random shutdowns. It becomes tediously unfun.

Again tl;dr my concern is that there may be issues with some games that will need different solutions to avoid undermining great optimizations your team are hard at work on. I wanted to put that out there, because it's been on my mind for a while now.

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