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#0 July 17th, 15:06

connecting problems

hello i've been trying to connect to a server but it always says my latency is high. i'm having 62 ping. i tried to change full HD to SD, only needing 4mbps and i still can't connect to it. Now it doesn't even display the message it keeps trying to connect in a loop.

my internet connection is 12mbps

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#1 July 17th, 16:55
@kazurengan Try opening a new instance of Snoost whilst the old window is still open. I've posted this in other threads but that usually bypasses the "connecting" status bug.

Other that than, the support team might ask what server you're trying to connect to (i.e. Western Europe, Central Europe etc.) Might be good to provide them with that info.

#2 July 19th, 09:08
@kazurengan Hi there, your internet connection should be sufficient. However, sometimes -e.g. if there is some interruptions with the WIFI signal - the latency may rise momentarily.

If you are using WIFI it's recommended to try with an internet cable, which is usually much more stable.

As @lordalex91 mentions, it would help a lot to know which region you are in and which cloud gaming server (location) it is trying to connect you to.

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments