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#0 December 5th 2017, 11:25

Connection issues?

Can you guys fix the connectivity issues? I tried to start my rig this morning, and when I started Windows it failed and booted me back to the startup page. And then when I tried to start Windows again it got greyed out and the Reconnecting button started spinning eternally. Then I tried rebooting Snoost and it keeps trying and failing to connect over and over again. Similar thing yesterday, except that I started Windows and there was no D drive, so when I restarted Snoost I got an eternal "Finding best location". ;_;

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#1 December 5th 2017, 17:13
Hi SullyQ,

Thank you for your patience. Our internal testing has reproduced this issue and we are putting the finishing touches on a hotfix which internally has been shown to eliminate the pairing issue, and reduce the occurrences of the boot back at the landing page. Please keep an eye out for the hotfix very soon and update. Let us know afterward if you continue to have issues.

Showing 1-1 of 1 comments