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#0 September 23rd 2017, 19:44

Connection problems!?

I'm in the 3 day test phase and for some reason I find myself waiting in the queue after playing for like 15 minutes. I'm not sure if this is actually a connection problem?

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#1 September 24th 2017, 02:12
Hi Mike94,

I see you're having connection problems. When you say you enter the queue after playing, does the client do this automatically or did you turn off the rig? The client should definitely not push you back into the queue after you connect successfully to the rig.


#2 September 24th 2017, 13:48
Yes it happens automatically. But while playing I don't have any connection problems at all. Basically it comes out of nowhere. But apart from that i don't have any problems with snoost. It surely is an amazing cloud gaming service :) Thank you for your answer^^

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#3 September 25th 2017, 09:06
I will forward this to our technical team immediately. Just to be clear, you are not timing out the rig by inactivity during this problem, correct?


#4 September 25th 2017, 14:47
Yes it's no time out, it happens while playing. Thank you^^

#5 September 25th 2017, 14:51
Okay - Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into this right away!

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments