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#0 November 14th 2017, 21:08

Credit card gets declined

I have submitted this issue few days ago on billing @ , including details & screenshots

In short, my credit card gets declined and I keep receiving "There was error processing your payment". I know the current billing UI has a history of being glitchy (like credit card details not appearing at all after removing the card).

I have renewed my credit card few months ago, might the old one still registered to your system, even though it doesn't tell me that in the UI?

Writing here as I didn't receive any answer via email


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#1 November 15th 2017, 09:27
Apologies for the delayed reply - We've been hard at work at a new an updated version of Snoost. :) You have received a reply on e-mail now, and we'll make sure to check in regularly to resolve the issue with the bank as quickly as possible.

#2 December 11th 2017, 22:50
Quick update:

I keep trying to add my card details every now and then. Today, I have used Edge browser and managed to get my card accepted. Unfortunately, the card got declined after 30 minutes.

Strange thing is, the trial activated and could load a cloud gaming pc just fine - - with disconnects after 5 mins & starting loop like everybody else.

Strange behavior of overall payment system nevertheless, with already 3 other similar claims on this forum.

Any other ways to pay for your service?

#3 December 12th 2017, 07:59
Hi GoldBuck,

Please resend an email to customer support for a response regarding sensitive billing matters.

#4 December 14th 2017, 15:12
Hi Curivity,

Sent an email on the 12th (same day), unfortunately didn't receive any answer since. Don't have high hopes either, especially considering the problems introduced by the new update. Anyways, I need to post here to get an answer via email.

Please keep in mind that I was previously a subscriber (same card & bank) and had the "add card details disappearing bug" after removing the card from UI (detailed in email). Came back after the previous bug was fixed, unfortunately to find out I'm out of luck.

Showing 1-4 of 4 comments