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#0 March 23rd, 09:59

Disable Central Europe until it becomes stable.

That's a serious matter. No matter what, every time I connect to Central EU, it kicks me out with "A Network interruption has been detected" on Snoost side, even tho the service health page says that the region is "running" or "healthy".

When I get connected to West EU, I see no interruptions, no issues on Snoost side and the problem with Central EU exists for a week already (at least, that's what I am experiencing).

The sad part of this issue is that after my cloud rig being shut down and getting reconnected back to Central Eu, 10-15 minutes and boom - another "network interruption" issue. If that's possible, I would like to get redirrected to West EU manually, not automatically detecting a server and being connected to it even tho it's broken and super unstable.

I've never had huge problems with Central EU until the last 1-2 weeks and since I live in the european region (just Central EU being closer to me overall), I wouldn't mind to be set to West EU for time being until Central EU is fixed.

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#1 April 2nd, 09:45
Again Central EU is "broken".

"As such, troubleshooting and technical support will be exclusively handled by email, which you can find on our customer support webpage."

What is the point of emailing Snoost Support team? This has been told a lot, I've emailed them like 3 days ago about how Central EU is super unstable, and nothing has been done in time being. Wasting 2-3 hours per day waiting for being redirrected to West EU which is better running and more stable...

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#2 April 2nd, 12:11
Stop connecting me to your useless unstable Central Europe.

Connect me to your stable West Europe.

Why should I waste my time connecting to Central Europe only to get kicked because of your "network issue has been detected". What is wrong with you? I've been kicked 4-5 times already and it doesn't redirrect me to a proper server named West Europe with proper network.

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments