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#0 January 5th, 13:55

Downloaded Snoost but can't install

Subject says it all ! Help !

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The thread was moved from "Snoost discussions" to "Troubleshooting".

#2 January 6th, 09:59
Hi there Alex,

When you say you cannot install, you are referring to the Chrome client correct? Did you go into your Chrome://extensions and move the download (drag and drop) to install? Once you do this, it should prompt you to "add app" and after that you are good to go stream on on our website.

#3 January 6th, 15:11
Curivity, I really believe in this project, but you should be answering all posts of troubleshooting, not just the easy ones... And to help him, it's drag/dropping, like here: (It's an unrelated software, but the installation process is the same)

#4 January 6th, 16:01
Hi Solid,

Thank you for your input. Please be sure to read the initial sticky at the top of the page "Technical Support Information & Response" which states this board is monitored daily, but some inquiries won't be answered or addressed in the timeframe desired.

If you have a problem which needs expedited attention, please be sure to email customer support. Most times, if a topic is not addressed by either myself or the developers, we have noticed and reviewed the information, but simply do not have an answer at that time. If and when we have more information on specific issues we will be sure to let everyone know within the topic or through our official outreach channels. Thanks!

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Showing 1-4 of 4 comments