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#0 September 6th 2017, 11:04

Empty Cloud Rig

Hi, The Cloud Rig is completely empty, no apps there. Yesterday I could see Windows and Steam for the first time. Today it is empty, and then after awhile its Status:Saving and it shuts itself off. Same things happens if I turn it on again. What should I do?

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#1 September 6th 2017, 14:44
Did you see the main screen, or was it still "Establishing connection"?

#2 September 6th 2017, 15:59
I am not sure, it main have been the main screen, or not, because it was empty. That was for a few mins before it shut itself down. I tried booting 5-6 times today, always the same thing.

#3 September 6th 2017, 16:29
Odd. Could you let us know which operating system, browser etc. you are using? Then we'll try to see if there should be any issues related in that relation.

#4 September 6th 2017, 17:16
MacOS Sierra with Chrome, all up to date. Thanks

#5 September 7th 2017, 09:40
I could boot up now, but my Steam account data seems to have been erased. I used the steam app.

#6 September 7th 2017, 09:45
Hmm alright.. Thanks for letting us know. Do you remember if you did anything differently this time?

Please let us know if the issue persists, or if it (the next time you try to boot) seems to work as it should.

Thanks for helping us debug the problem! :-)

#7 September 7th 2017, 12:02
Can I do something differently? I clicked turn on cloud rig, and it worked. I don't know of any other way of doing it. The interface is very simplistic.

This is both good and bad. It is good, because the user have no way of choosing bad settings that screw things up. It is bad, because the user has absolutely zero chance of correcting whatever is causing from the rig booting up. He is completely in the hands of support.

Myself, I have a Ph.D in Computer Science and Information Technology so I would say I am a fairly educated user, and although there isn't an option of any kind you might throw at me that I wouldn't understand, I still think you made the right decisions,; i.e. in making the interface simpler for the user. I mange, design and deploy innovative web services on the cloud on a daily basis, and I could setup a gaming cloud instance if I really wanted to on EC2 or Rackspace, BUT I would really really rather not. I would very much like to have that that as an available IaaS service that I pay for, especially in terms of gaming. I would like it as an app that is there when I need it. I do know of the real time constraints the client and server has to deal with regarding delay for acceptable QoE, and it is not trivial. Like the chef who comes home from work doesn't want to start cooking food again, gaming for me is not work (yet). Please make Snoost stable enough so I can it use on a daily basis.

My next boot was successful, but I had to reinstall my games in Steam, reconfigure them, and the beta version of a game I really liked was no longer working (although that is a bug out your control of course).

Please keep on improving Snoost.

Showing 1-7 of 7 comments