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#0 January 14th, 03:26

Free Days?

I signed up last night for my free 3 days. Then for an achievement t said I got another 3 days and I claimed it. Tonight I did a review of a game and it said I got an extra week free and again I claimed it.

Here's the thing tho, under billing, it is only showing my 3 days I got for signing up. What about the bonus 3 days and the free week?

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Game reviewer
#1 January 14th, 07:31
Me neither i claimed every of em but tomorrow my trial ends and i have one week claimed, lets see if they let me have it.

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Game reviewer
#3 January 15th, 13:19
Hi All,

I was checking many things in the past couple of days regarding snoost and I really think if you look around you should be able to find your answers. So from my understanding if you check @Achievements you will see this below:

-- Earn the above to view more...

  • Only qualified referrals will trigger reward for an achievement. A referral is a user who enters your referral code during sign up, and becomes a qualified referral once the user's first membership cycle has begun after the 3 day trial.

Free periods that extend beyond the first 3 days require an activated membership to be applied.

Meaning that you will game the extra days/weeks added once you have an active membership (payed one month) not too or during your trial days.


Game reviewer
#4 January 16th, 10:43
@Whizzyke why wont you anwser the refund topics m8, whats the problem sir ?

Game reviewer
#5 January 16th, 10:50
@martmark1 I'm and user like you, not staff... my bad to trying to help or sharing information. In other communities I'm used to that...

Game reviewer
#6 January 17th, 07:15
@Whizzyke I'm really thankful to you that you gave us the idea's etc...

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