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#0 December 2nd 2017, 02:30

Gaming rig stuck loading

after trying to load my gaming rig, I am left puzzled with it idle "frozen" on from what I can see as the last stage of the loading process, I have waited over 2 hours

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#1 December 2nd 2017, 02:49
Same here Natjayy, what region are you in? East US Stuck here: Update:

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#2 December 2nd 2017, 03:15
West Europe, I was beginning to think it was just me.

I could deal with the slowness before compared to this

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#3 December 2nd 2017, 03:20
@Natjayy Same here. I'm not a fan of Thursday/Friday/Saturday releases

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#4 December 2nd 2017, 03:27
Looks like your making progress, and if this is the case with any of there updates then I ain't a fan of any release lol, they should at least have an internal testing system or a select group who volunteer before full release updates/patches

#5 December 2nd 2017, 03:58
I'm just excited to try more games with the added space, but I think they may have run into problems releasing both the extension update and server changes on the same day. It's probably a lot of weird variables for all that. I'd definitely sign up for early release testing if it would be helpful for all of us.

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#6 December 2nd 2017, 04:24
This doesn't feel like a pairing issue. Using the older extension briefly always forced a connection for me when I had pairing issues

#7 December 2nd 2017, 09:51
Hi everyone,

We are aware of these stuck process issues and are working towards a fix as soon as possible. Rest assured we have all our assets on this and will strive to do better in the future. We apologize for this inconvenience on your weekend.

I will update here with more information once it becomes available.

#8 December 2nd 2017, 17:02
Nice to see this get some attention - I'm on my trial account and want to fully join, but won't be able to if it's so hard to connect (I can wait a bit when I want to play but not this long!) Stuck at 'Determining Location' or whatever... thats my new most common stuck point here on Linux.

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#9 January 4th, 20:54
Same problem today with me. Trying my trial account, stuck in Determining Location

#10 January 5th, 00:09
Stuck on Determining Location myself

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