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#0 August 13th 2017, 12:08

Hoping for a update on saving issues.

First things first, i love the product so far... Yea, it has issues. But, i feel that the pros out-way the cons. For me this service is amazing. I had some CC problems at first but thanks to Rune it was handled quickly. Biggest problem so far? The saving of files...

I am not a expert on this so please excuse my poor explanation of the problem.

It seems that when i am done with my rig and shut it down, it only saves parts of the data. If i download something like Skyrim, and shut down my rig then reboot it, 80/70% of files will be missing. Saves, textures, etc etc will be all gone.

I know other users have reported the problem, but i was wondering if it was a widespread issue or only a few people have this problem.

I was also wondering if the devs have a update / time-frame they could give on a fix to this issue.

Thanks for reading guys!

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#1 August 14th 2017, 23:38
Hey there Madmax,

The developers are working toward a solution for these saving issues. We have a pretty substantial update in the works that should be out soon which addresses this and a few other issues, including expanding storage and streamlining the boot-up process for the rigs.

Keep your eyes on the news/announcements section of the website for the update. As always, we value your feedback so please post an update once you encounter the new changes.


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#2 August 15th 2017, 10:39
@Curivity Thanks for the reply!

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