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#0 August 15th, 14:14

¸How to play games.

So when i launch Snoost i have to choose between Windows and Steam, i selected Windows,it started,after a 1min i had to chose again and again multiple times and nothing happend.

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#1 August 15th, 15:37
Hi @leonky, did it close to the client's interface, or did it show a black screen?

If you try again, I suggest only using the Windows option - it is at this moment much more stable than Steam (which we are currently working to address in an upcoming update).

Thanks for trying out the service. :-)

#2 August 15th, 20:43
It closed to the client's interface,like i said when i had to choose between Windows and Steam,i chosed Windows it started loading after a few minutes it went back to the thing where you have to choose between those two.

Showing 1-2 of 2 comments