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#0 August 26th, 21:04

i have auto shutdown snoost

please you can help me !!!!!

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#1 August 26th, 21:16
Hi there, if you turned off your cloud rig you should be able to turn it on again as soon as it finishes saving. :)

#2 August 26th, 22:38
i m play 1h Then suddenly is snoost shutdown

#3 August 26th, 23:54
@ Xkokoxxd,

Does the rig go into saving mode randomly while you're playing?

#4 August 27th, 00:50
It is possible to explain more how long game day

Rising member
#5 August 27th, 06:07
@Curivity I have also noticed that this happens sometime when a region has heavy traffic it just shutsdown. But no biggie i just reboot it.

#6 August 27th, 08:46
We are working on a fix for the random "saving mode" issues, where the rig enters saving mode during play. Check with news/announcements soon for more info.

#7 August 27th, 16:54
aftar 1 hour i see saving in snoot i want fix problem coming soon please

Game reviewer
#8 September 28th, 21:57
Had the same problem once

#9 September 28th, 23:45
when i come back onto snoost my game's i installed are not there happends few times

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Showing 1-10 of 10 comments