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#0 September 1st, 11:05

Impossible to turn

Been trying to turn for over 2 hours now. I just signed up, and have not being able to boot up at all. It goes first into status: in queue, then networking initializing for a very long time, at least 20-30, then loading apps or similar, then updating Steam for a very long time, then its powered off. Yeah thanks for that. Will give it one more hour, then I will cancel.

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#1 September 1st, 11:27
Just finished Updating Steam, took only 15 mins this time. Currently on the screen "Loading".

#2 September 1st, 11:33
And now it is Status Offline, and there is a Power on button. Bye bye

#3 September 1st, 11:58
Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear your experience was limited and you weren't able to actually try playing a game on Snoost. We would love to investigate this issue a bit further, so that you'd get a chance to properly try streaming a PC game over the air.

Is there any other details you could share with us, to help us debug the problem and work on a fix? For instance, did the screen ever show a "Saving..." message, and did you at any time chance receive some sort of notification popup during your test?

Thank you - Any information will help us work towards fixing the bug.

#4 September 1st, 12:05
I may have seen Saving, but very briefly. Definitely no pop ups though.

#5 September 1st, 13:53
That's exactly the detail we were looking for, thank you! :-) Do you remember which region you were connected to when it suddenly "Turned off"?

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments