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#0 August 2nd, 17:53

Losing Saving files

Hello everyone,

Games are installed on Z but they save their save file on C by default, C gets rinsed every time therefore i lose all my saves.

Any ideas?

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#1 August 2nd, 18:17
@RiverJumper Snoost automatically backs up the entire Z drive as well as the Documents folder on the C drive (which is where most games' files get saved to).

Which game is it, and do you know where it saves the savegames? If it differs from the standards, we will make sure to support that game's data folder location as well.

#2 August 2nd, 19:19
Had the same issue today. What I did was log off entirely, close rig, re-open everything and log back in - somehow saved files were there this time round.

#3 August 3rd, 22:43
@Riverjumper While the team at Snoost is busy handling this issue, I have had the same problem. For now it usually works out ok with the saved files. But i would like to point out that many games have the option to save in cloud storage. You might want to try that, if that option is available for your game. I always save both on the rig and in the cloud storage provided by Steam, just to be sure.

Showing 1-3 of 3 comments