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#0 July 31st, 14:42

Missing Files - Free Access until fixed or Refund??

@runedalton- I have emailed you twice on this matter and as I have had no reply thought it prudent to post into the forum - Please can you confirm that you will not charge me or others that have paid for this service until we can actually use it. Whilst I appreciate it is in Alpha, and do not mind that we are helping in testing the service, it is not acceptable to have paid £29 for a service that I cannot use.

According to the forums you have known about the missing files issue for over 6 weeks now, in that time you should have either given free access or refused to accept monies until you knew it was resolved. By accepting money for a service you knew you could not deliver you have taken money under false pretences.

Please could you confirm ASAP that any monies taken will be refunded until you have resolved the issues so that I nor other users do not need to dispute with credit card companies.

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#1 July 31st, 15:27
I have experienced the same issue a number of times (games either disappearing completely or having to re-download parts of them). However, download speeds are quite high in the rig so the whole process only took a couple of minutes.

Saying the service is unusable is not fair. It's not perfect, but it is an alpha release. We all knew what we were getting into from the beginning - we're all here because all other existing similar services (which have been around for longer than Snoost) weren't suitable so we decided to take a gamble with this one.

Personally, I don't expect any refunds and don't think I'm entitled to any. That being said, if they wanted to offer alpha-users something for 'testing' once the service is fully operational, it would be a nice gesture from the team, but I don't think they should feel obligated in any way.


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#2 July 31st, 15:51
@lordalex91 - Respectfully you are missing the point - I accept it is in alpha, I accept their may be occasional glitches, HOWEVER - at no point in signing up for the SERVICE does it state you would have to spend 1/2 an hour to an hour (once you have spend 15 to 20 minutes logging in) re downloading any game before you can even start to play! Thats not an occasional glitch, its a fundamental flaw in the service.

It is not about obligation or what they feel. it is false advertising and taking money under false pretences. They have known about the file issue for some time, and yet continue to take money for a service that does not work. If they had put a note on the sign up page warning you that this would happen, then I would say buyer beware, however, they did not, accordingly I believe that they should refund and suspend future payments until the service is dealt with to ALL those affected by this issue. As I have already emailed and had zero response to this I have made my thought public.

Wether or not you personally wish to chuck your money away on a service that is not being provided is up to you, I however do not have the luxury of wasting £30 a month, and therefore either wish to receive the service I have bought or wish a refund to be issued.

Perhaps I may be alone in my thoughts, but I suspect not!

#3 July 31st, 22:12
@marklloyd First of all, thank you for the support. And apologies for not getting back to you on your last e-mail (I somehow forgot to mark it as “unread” after reading it on my phone, my bad).

We are extremely happy to learn of some of the issues that Snoost has, so that we may improve the cloud gaming service even further - so a big thanks for the feedback you have provided so far! :-)

That said, while we do not believe that our service is without its glitches, we cannot provide the service for free every time someone finds a bug. Despite being an alpha-release, thus far, we do provide the service we promise, with automated GPU based servers and the software required to stream and play games remotely from any of four operating systems. If parts of our service - in rare cases - occasionally fail, we will always dedicate all our resources to fixing the issue with a patch, or replace any modules not working optimally, with an upgraded version (which is the case for the “saving” issue).

All users are given a 3-day free trial to test if they like the service, before committing to the first month, and everyone is always free to cancel their membership if they no longer need the service, or if they don’t feel it is worth the price.

We completely understand the frustration one can experience if something isn’t working as well as expected, but we are doing our best to work to fix the issue. The problem with game data persistence across sessions is a rather rare bug experienced by only a few users, and while we agree that it is irritating to have to sometimes re-download games in order to resume playing, it is not a bug which in any way compromises users’ accounts or disables them from using Snoost to play and stream video games over the cloud.

Again, we highly appreciate the feedback and open dialog - it really helps us understand our product, and the needs from the community and our users, which in the end should result in a much better service. We have no doubt that the update we are currently working on will feel like a great enhancement for most users (and for some, maybe even a much needed one) ;-)

Thanks again! And please keep letting us know of suggestions we can implement to improve the cloud gaming experience.

Have an awesome day! :-)

#4 August 1st, 04:39

The accusations you have put forth regarding our service is not consistent with forum rules and code of conduct of our members. Please refrain from using such language and recognize the nature of the service state we are in (alpha).

If you have any additional concerns regarding our service including regarding billing matters, please contact RuneDalton via email.

Thank you.

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