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#0 February 5th, 21:36

Money taken before 3 free day trial ended

Had to enter my card details in order to try your service with a free 3 day trial. Checked my account, money already taken, however it is written that I can cancel it before money is taken, before free trial runs out.

How can you explain this? I've also wrote you by email, waiting for refund.

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#1 February 6th, 06:31
Snoost is a scam, see other posts. Try and talk to your bank to get the charge removed.

#2 February 6th, 14:44
Are you sure it is not a pending charge?

#3 February 11th, 18:16
same problem over here, took money from me before 3 trial ended

Showing 1-3 of 3 comments