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Game reviewer
#0 November 25th 2017, 01:29

Mouse Glitch

It seems the mouse resets to center position if I move around it. It's totally unplayable like this.

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#1 November 25th 2017, 08:47
Which game are you playing? And is there anything else you can tell us abou the setup, such as if it's running in Windowed mode or with a controller etc.? We would love to dig into this issue and fix it as soon as possible. Thank you.

Game reviewer
#2 November 25th 2017, 08:53
@RuneDalton it happens as soon as I open Windows. I have an update: The mouse cursor, when moving slowly, doesn’t get reset. If I move it fast it does get reset to a specific point (looks like a portion of the screen). If I try to run the stream in windowed mode, the reset window is smaller.

#3 November 25th 2017, 09:11
Alright, thank you. We'll be investigating this mouse issue and hopefully come up with a fix within too long. Any additional information will of course still be greatly helpful to our debugging efforts. :)

Game reviewer
#4 November 25th 2017, 09:14
Yeah... the thing I’m sad about this is that i tried the trial and wanted to try out a month... but now I’m wasting both, hope to get a second possibility after the bug is fixed!

#5 November 25th 2017, 09:57
Quick question: Do you know if your mouse sensitivity is normally high, or does it seem like the mouse acceleration (or other settings) act in a "non-standard" way?

Game reviewer
#6 November 25th 2017, 09:59
My mouse sensitivity is the normal one on Windows (I think 5/10?) and no mouse accel. My mouse has a dpi regulation button.

#7 November 25th 2017, 10:00
Noted, thanks. We'll do our best to troubleshoot the issue and see if we can come up with a fix. :)

#8 December 8th 2017, 19:43
I have the exact same issue. Is there a fix for this soon?

#9 December 18th 2017, 14:09
I am experiencing this too, please fix ASAP as it renders gaming impossible!

#10 December 20th 2017, 17:09
Same issue here. Started the trial and the mouse seems to constantly skip around. If I move it slow enough, then it gets to where I need it. This is on the windows desktop.

#11 December 23rd 2017, 07:15
yeaup. same issue.

Game reviewer
#12 December 23rd 2017, 14:05
Yeah I'm kinda done with Snoost, I've got to make a gaming PC directly.

Game reviewer
#13 December 28th 2017, 19:48
Same issue

#14 December 28th 2017, 21:45
Hi everyone,

We have found a potential root cause for this issue, and it has to do with the most recent version of Chrome, which should be updated soon. We are also working on some "behind the scenes" updates that should resolve the issue. No downloads required.

Thanks for your patience.

#15 December 30th 2017, 04:25
Yeah I'm kinda done with Snoost, I've got to make a gaming PC directly. - Skynord
I'm only using it for two days so far, But already feel exactly the same. The mouse glitch where it keeps going back to the center if you move it out to far or to fast. Is simple not acceptable for a paid service even if it is claimed to be in alpha still. The glitch makes it unusable.

#16 December 30th 2017, 04:44
I have the smae issue, but only on my desktop, not my two laptops, I use my desktop for gaming and art stuff, so I have a tablet and a gaming mouse hooked up, not sure if those could cause issues or not.

#17 December 30th 2017, 05:03
A temporary fix for this would be nice.

Game reviewer
#18 January 2nd, 03:33
you can revert to the previous version of chrome quite easily and it fixed this issue for me :)

#19 January 2nd, 23:47
i tried that but now the graphics are terrible and it didnt fix the problem

#20 January 3rd, 00:49
i do notice you are able to "release mouse".. anyway to make it so we are able to keep it released and still use it?

Game reviewer
#21 January 4th, 15:47
@BasicallyPro which version of chrome did you revert to, i went to the 2017 april version. im sure i had no more than 360p stream tho even on 1080 hd setting

#22 January 4th, 16:26
Needing to revert back to older versions is not a solution. Everyone is always advised to keep their systems and software up to date. Snoost simply needs to keep their app up to date and working with the most recent version of chrome at all times.

You cant provide a service that requires monthly payments and have it not work for most of the time. Up dates and bug fixes come in to slow.

3 major bugs for a longer period of time now. And non has been fixxed so far.

  • Mouse glitch
  • Loss of data on the D drive
  • Time outs while playing games with a controller or other input devices.
Makes it unplayable for a lot of people. For me personally it will be my last month since its not going anywhere near the right direction.

#23 January 6th, 01:17
Status on this? Chrome up to date and mouse in WIndows is glitching like 24/7.

Game reviewer
#24 January 12th, 20:51
Hey All,

I have a normal mouse and one with dpi regulation button. The normal one has no issues, however when trying to use my gamer mouse I encountered the same issues as described by a few people here. So reading every comment I went looking for a newer Chrome and downloaded the Beta version currently up on there page and used that to lunch/connect to my rig, surprisingly the gaming mouse works normally now.

Hope this helps. Leave some feedback if you managed to try with Chrome beta.

Cheers, Whizz

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