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#0 December 4th 2017, 18:36

Mouse Problem

Mouse is impossible to control on Snoost App.

When i'm moving really really slowly it moves but on fast moves it just goes back to same place. Either on desktop or in game its impossible to control.

I'm trying to play Pubg . My mouse is logitech g300s My down speed is more then 100mbs. My sensivity setting is 3/10. Its a bootcamped Macbook with win10.

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#1 December 4th 2017, 18:43
Hi - Is the sensitivity from the game, or the Windows desktop? It might be worth it to try to adjust either the in-game sensitivity, or even the one on the cloud rig Windows desktop and your own local desktop, to see if this may resolve the problem in any way.

Please let us know what you discover. We're eager to find a solution. Thank you.

#2 December 4th 2017, 18:50

Its the overoll sensitivity does'nt matter where are im i have to be really really slow with the moves otherwise mouse just goes back to the sameplace.

i've tried maxing out and min setting its the same even when its at lowest setting it just goes back to same place.

Lowest settings from my end and 5/10 on cloud rig makes it a bit more usuable so i could install the game but its the same once i start gaming .

Now im on OSX gonna try at here ll let you know if i can get through the loophole with the connection.

Thank You

#3 December 12th 2017, 05:01
Hey just FYI check out GeForce now. They have a free beta for Mac OS and works unlike snoost.

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