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#0 October 9th, 14:00

My experience with the three day trial period

I signed up three days ago for the three day trial.

During these three days, today was the first time I was actually successful in getting a machine powered up.

Every other attempt failed; problems with pairing with the cloud rig, hours and hours in queue or waiting for the hard drive, never being able to establish a connection. But today was the day - I finally got to open a Windows instance, sign in with my Steam account and now I just had to find the game I'd like to start out with.

Press "Install" and "Next" - and then I was presented with an error telling me that I don't have enough disk space.

I've cancelled my subscription.

Good luck everybody else.

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#1 October 9th, 14:19
Hi @Repox,

And thanks for the feedback. We're working hard to fix the pairing issue that some users are experiencing, and to improve the overall service with upcoming updates.

Just to make it easier for us to debug and improve the service, I'd love to know which game you tried to install? :)

Thanks again!

#2 October 9th, 14:46
Sure thing, I tried installing the bundle here:

#3 October 9th, 15:13
Hmm... That's kinda odd. There's 60 GB of storage available, and this bundle should only take up 50 GB, and thus shouldn't really complain about "not enough space".

But thanks for sharing! We'll look into it right away, and (hopefully) have it fixed if you should come back and try Snoost at a later time. :)

#4 October 9th, 18:37
Also make sure everything is being downloaded to the 'Z' drive.

Game reviewer
#5 October 9th, 20:07
Were you refunded or they still took your money?

#6 October 11th, 09:31
@AllDayEveryday As long as a subscription is cancelled before the 3 day trial expires a card is never even charged :).

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#7 October 11th, 09:32
@AllDayEveryday I cancelled before my trial expired, so no money was spent.

The thread was moved from "Snoost discussions" to "Troubleshooting".

Showing 1-8 of 8 comments