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#0 January 26th, 01:21

Need Support

Can you guys reset my rig's drives? I accidently installed something to the C: drive and now everytime I boot windows, it crashes soon after. I was thinking that my idiocy was the problem, and was hoping you all were able to do a hard reset.

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#1 January 26th, 02:18

#2 January 26th, 03:56
Hi TharpinUp,

What you detail is interesting because, at the present time, the C and D drives are not saving properly for most users. I am wondering what exactly you experience when you boot up the server and at what point exactly does the server crash? Are you at the launch screen where you select "Windows", or in Windows at the desktop?

#3 January 26th, 23:44
@Curivity It closes during the Authorizing Rig/Input phase, AND once it gets into Windows. Sometimes it will go back and let me try to reboot windows, other times it will entirely restart the process over. Sometimes I can get as far as starting the download for Life is Feudal MMO in which I download from their website. It may be the problem. I'd really like to boot again, and play some games, but it fails once I get to start :/

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#4 January 26th, 23:46
@Curivity So to answer simply, both.

#5 January 26th, 23:51
@Curivity Oh there is another detail that might help. The only reason I ever installed anything to the C: drive, was that one day I opened my rig, and all my icons were programless. So I went to reinstall some things thinking maybe my rig had reset because I couldn't use it for a few days due to personal reasons. When I went to do so, there was ONLY a C: drive.

#6 January 27th, 00:06
@Curivity C and D drive gave not failed me for a while. This past week the service has been very good, less connection fails, and data has not been wiped (i've been backing up my saves just in case). Idk if you guys did anything, if you did it worked! xD

#7 January 27th, 00:44
@WrongMan Lucky you.

#8 January 28th, 02:10
@Curivity I hope you guys get it working :(

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