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#0 October 7th 2017, 18:17

Out of date Geforce software and not enough space.

Heard about Snoost the day Battlefront 2 open beta released and thought it was an amazing solution. As to running the beta somewhat smoothly. Instead of getting 10-20 fps on my 860M GPU. After installation of Origin and The Beta. I tried running the game.. of course. It said "Driver out of date" So i tried to see if it was possible to install the latest Nvidia Geforce software program on the pc(Im not talking about updating the current driver, but installing Nvidia's new Geforce Experience program), but without luck. I gave up after 2 attempts of installing the new software, since the rig had to restart to finish the installation. I then tried to install Battlefield 1 Which is 69GB and i belive the rig has 64GB so is it possible to find a way to play Battlefield 1?

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#1 October 8th 2017, 07:53
Hi there Cosmiaxe,

I too am having issues installing the GeForce Experience program whilst trying to set up the rig for BF2. I will contact our software developers to see if we can get a solution before beta ends.

#2 October 8th 2017, 15:02
If you get a solution before beta ends. Please let me know :) Thanks in advance.

#3 October 9th 2017, 05:05
Try and install the drivers manually without the automatic program detection. There may be an issue with the GeForce experience affecting the NVIDIA APIs, so updating it may not be the best idea, I was told.

We may update these drivers manually if we cannot find a solution to do so on the website.

Showing 1-3 of 3 comments