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#0 December 12th 2017, 04:13

Please make service at least usable or I will be requesting refund

I wanted to like this service so badly, because the machines we do get are pretty beefy.

However, I have been plagued with ridiculously long startup times (30+ minutes), frequent failures to connect, frequently my machine gets in a "stuck" state that I have to wait for the 30 minute timeout to get, my machine randomly drops connection and fails to stream video, frequent network lag spikes (ok, this one may be my ISP, not you guys, hard to tell), drive fails to save and losing save data and hours of work, Windows randomly shutting down, and more.

Not even once in the week and a half of service have I had a session that didn't have a game breaking issue.

I understand that Snoost is a small team and this is still sort of in "alpha", but I CANNOT accept this failure of service for something I pay for. For comparison, Paperspace has very quick startup times even for large drives (I have 70GB on the virtual disk yet it starts up within 10 minutes), higher quality stream, reliable saving, and generally, frankly, destroys Snoost all around. The only failure it has compared to Snoost is that the GPU I get is not very powerful so it can't run many games, but you can be approved to get a more powerful GPU option, which if I get, I will be switching to for my cloud gaming rig.

Please make Snoost at least stable enough to play without fear of data loss or taking hours to connect successfully. If these issues are not fixed in a week or so, I WILL be requesting a refund, and if I don't get a refund, I WILL be contacting my credit card company to request a chargeback for failure to deliver service.

Thank you for your time,


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#1 December 12th 2017, 04:45
Could not agree more.

If I am not caught in the loop of reconnecting to the VDI, I am loaded in to a VDI where my mouse is jumping around sporadically. This is all after waiting (tonight for example) 40 minutes to even get in. I am at the point where I will be contacting them for a refund because $30/mo is just not worth the horrible availability of Snoost's service in beta format.

#2 December 12th 2017, 06:43
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your responses and input. We are consistently and constantly working to improve our server and client infrastructure to deliver a positive gaming experience for all. Unfortunately, with this latest update Amazon changed some of their framework (server side), so we had to do some additional coding and bug squashing right when we updated. In fact, as you may have noticed, we released a substantial hotfix a few days ago which we've been testing. Additionally, we released another background patch that works to improve the save and startup processes.

We want Snoost to be the best it can be, and we are looking for additional testers. If you are interested we will be setting up a board in the near future. This does not absolve the issues you've been experiencing so far and we apologize.

Any refunds will be handled by customer support.

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#4 December 12th 2017, 08:12
If we are "testers" then why is this a paid service at such top dollar compared to GeForce now on Mac OS in free beta testing?

It's pretty sad that I can't tell whether or not the HotFix that was applied either fixed an issue or broke Snoost's core functionality entirely as here I sit, still trying to connect to a functional VDI 4 hours in to my night. This in no way should be a paid service. Either shut down or ready up the money to start giving users refunds or lower the price. It is clear that you lack the needed manpower to make this a functional service or the knowledge to do so correctly.

#5 December 16th 2017, 06:40
Ok, I was ready to, well, not renew, but not demand a refund, as starting up the machine has become more reliable, and while connecting is a pain, once the stream has started, it is somewhat usable.

And then the machine randomly shutdown WITHOUT SAVING THE D DRIVE, causing me to lose 2 hours of gameplay...AGAIN

Expect my demand for a refund soon.

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments