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#0 August 21st, 21:49

Problems with billing as well

After starting the 3 days free trial I cancelled the subscription and removed the card from my account and now it keeps asking me for a valid payment method but if I put in the card details it says another account is using it, help please?

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#1 August 21st, 22:26
My credit card was billed for a subscription despite cancelling the trial and removing the card info. The support is being silent for 2 days already.

#2 August 23rd, 00:51
Hi Soulmate,

I will get in touch with the billing department for you to make sure this is rectified. Thanks for your patience.

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#3 August 24th, 20:56
@Curivity Also having problems.

#4 September 11th, 13:18
Incredible, they still haven't replied to me, instead they reply to someone who comments UNDER my discussion! UNBELIEVABLE! Worst troubleshooting ever!

#5 September 11th, 15:56
Hi @Robert922 - I just looked through the inbox for support and billing, but cannot find any email from you. Which address did you send the email to? And could I ask you to try to send it again, then I will personally double-check for an incoming message from you today and tomorrow. :)

Showing 1-5 of 5 comments