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#0 August 5th, 01:47

Problems with billing...

I have entered my billing info and wanted the $19.99 a month service at 720P.   However, after loading the chrome extension I am told this ‘’Please add a valid payment method to activate your trial’ Trial!? I didn’t want the any type of trial, I just want the service I paid for. I tried clicking on it to see if it would go away, however after clicking on ‘’Activate trial’’ I am taken to your website and it tells me this…   Do you want to start your membership? Unlimited hours of gaming for just $0.95 /day - $0.95 /day?! What? I don’t want that… Yes, start my three day trial now No, I changed my mind By starting your membership you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and that membership fees are charged at $29 /month starting today. - $29 a month?! I paid for the $19.99 a month service…   I fully understand this is a alpha and the devs are hard at work, but I don’t want to be overcharged/charged multiple times…

Has anyone also had this issue and found a fix/workaround?

I have already sent a email to billing support about this.

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#1 August 5th, 02:04
We just checked and it looks like it's behaving as it is supposed to. I sent an email with details, and will help get it sorted in any way we can. :)

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