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#0 October 16th 2017, 10:29

Question about Larger Games

Good Morning,

I subbed to Snoost and absolutely love it, especially with the fact that this works literally anywhere, however there are a couple of niggles that i wish to put forward that can be mildly annoying,

  1. Loading time when starting - i understand that this can be a cumbersome process to complete this quickly and effectively, however my loading times when launching snoost for the first time on a day can vary from between 15 - 45 minutes, this can be annoying if i am looking for a quick blast of gaming, however is not a deal breaker ( i have my phone or xbox for that if needed)

  2. Certain games on Steam are not available to play due to their size, i.e. Ark:SE, i actually subbed to snoost to play this on the road as its my current favourite, however due to the filesize of the install (100gb+) this cannot be installed, just a shame there is no way to work this so its possible, (the age old query of more disc space... however sometimes this cannot be helped i am more than aware, however with average game sizes increasing 60gb may just not be enough in the long term)
overall love the application though, these silly little niggles would certainly not change any perception of Snoost, only increase the demand for it i think

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#1 October 16th 2017, 16:53
Hi Llewsion,

So happy to hear you are enjoying the service! I understand the frustrations with the loading times and the storage size, and I'm happy to say we are actively working to improve these and other aspects of Snoost in the near future.

Please keep an eye out for updates in the "news/announcements" sections of the boards/website.

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