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#0 October 9th, 20:08

Refundment on cancellation while free trial active

If i will cancel my subscription until my free trial ends will i get my money back or will it still charge?

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#1 October 9th, 20:21
If you cancel before the trial runs out, the card won't be charged. :)

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Game reviewer
#3 October 9th, 20:43
Im currently in a situation where i would like to change the plan from the one i initially chose, because i would have sufficent funds to buy a game on steam. Will ill be charged that amount of my last used plan or i the plan i initially chose?

#4 October 9th, 20:44
No, you can freely switch between the plans and not be charged, as long as you are still on your 3 day trial.

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Showing 1-5 of 5 comments