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#0 January 31st, 03:01

Repeatedly Connecting to Weird Areas

I am definitely in the East US region, but the last few days I've only been connecting (IF the rig connects at all) to West US or even Western or Central Europe.

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#1 February 10th, 04:08
I second this. I would mach rather be told the server is overloaded instead of connecting me to servers that have 80+ ping - it's just simply unplayable anyways. We would have to go through the trouble of shutting down the rig and starting it back up over and over again. This would inevitably take a huge toll on your servers having many people trying to reconnect constantly to get on the right server.

I suggest creating a system where one can choose a preferred server and be provided a queue in which one can wait in line to get into a server. In the case where the queue is ridiculously long and one still wants to access the computer despite horrendous pings, the same system should also implement an option of either getting into the queue or connect to another server region.

As of right now, no one at Snoost expects fast loading times as Snoost is still in Alpha testing. However, it should be relatively simple to actually MATCH the "Service Health" with our connections to servers! That should be the first step in the right direction, keeping your alpha testers content enough to continue supporting your development!

#2 February 10th, 04:36
Little tip ive learnt, im from the EU and play from 3 different places (within the same city), ive noticed that one of them consistently connects to central EU the second, central EU or Western EU and the last one connects to the US, for some reason.

Whenever im on that third place ive learnt that if i share my phone internet to the laptop it will connect me to the EU servers. So as soon as i connect to the EU i stop sharing internet from my phone and go back to the local wifi (no need to wait for full rig startup, just that first step) and everything works out. Try it out.

#3 February 10th, 04:43
Brilliant. It may be that the cell tower's ping really do help with location. Will confirm if this method is successful for US. It seems it's a successful workaround for EU atm according to WrongMan.

#4 February 10th, 05:02
Instant success. Not only am I connecting to US servers, but the East US - not the West! I can confirm that this workaround has worked for me. I'll conduct several trials and different locations and see if this theory stays consistent. Will update results!

Thank you, WrongMan. I believe you may have just helped thousands of snoobters.

I suppose fellow snoobters are what we need to solve our problems. The mods/developers are so backed up with bugs and payment issues. I propose making a discord server/dedicated thread on workarounds for issues, so people like you can share their research on the bugs that plague this young company.

If any of the moderators read this, consider making such contributions an achievement and offer at least a month of free service as they are helping the devs diagnose the problem as well as relieving the mods of troubleshooting issues so they can focus on payment issues!

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#5 February 10th, 15:06
Glad I could help. I think this issue may be related to ip location. I think snoost tries to locate you through your IP instead of pinging the datacenters and sometimes it might think your ip is in the EU. However cell towers must have a very consistent IP making them easier to locate.

I second the discord. There is one that is on the sub reddit for snoost, but that one is dead, no one ever shows there... Which makes sense since its not advertised here.

There are a few achievement that give free time in relation to the ammount of posts on each subforum idk if they are working.

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