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#0 April 11th, 09:10

Saving Configurations issue.

Yesterday my Cloud Rig was stuck at "loading cloud rig - 1 minute", it failed.

The problem is that it then shut down right after getting loaded, I guess (even tho I didn't see any screen of my working cloud rig) but it doesn't shut down for a whole day. It's stuck at "saving configurations" for the whole day. I tried to restart the service every hour, I've even reinstalled it 2-3 times, but it's simply stuck at "Saving configurations" for a whole day already.

I've emailed the support system already and hope for an answer or problem being fixed somehow. Maybe resetting my D-drive or whatever that can remove that problem with "saving configurations". I really want to use Snoost service while I can and while I have payed time for that.

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#1 April 12th, 08:23
So, it has been 48 hours, as stated in their support e-mail section, and I've received no answer about my issue, no internal fix about it.

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#2 April 12th, 22:39
I just hope that the beta comes out soon

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#3 April 13th, 08:47
I just hope that the beta comes out soon - Sonicx344
Yeah, I hope it doesn't take them too much time to release a Beta Version. Can't wait to play the games I love once again :D

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